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Food Manufacturer Outsourced Sales and Marketing – SME Specialists

Win & build profitable new business with UK Food Retailers, Wholesalers & Food Service Customers

Increase your Food or Drink company revenues & profits

Accelerate your SME company development

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  GBA client services can also include:

Specific Customer Development, Interim Account Management, Trade & Consumer Marketing, Non-Exec Director Inputs, New food or drink Product Development, Packaging  Design & improvement.

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About GBA Marketing

GBA is a freelance outsourced Sales and Marketing resource which specializes in accelerated business development for small to medium-sized UK food and drink manufacturers. So if you’re an independent, family-owned, regional or niche producer who wants to start selling to supermarkets or just increase your overall sales  – we can help.

We have over 35 years experience successfully developing business with the UK’s largest retailers and through most other distribution channels. This experience includes originally working with some of the largest food manufacturers in the world before focusing solely on helping smaller suppliers.

Our involvement with numerous food & drink businesses and categories over the years enables us to offer UK food manufacturing companies comprehensive business development manager expertise across Frozen, Fresh, Dry grocery and beverage categories.

Unlike many sales and marketing companies or agencies we work very closely with only a small number of clients at any one time. This means we can provide services tailored specifically to the needs of your particular small food or drink business. It also means your products and your business get the time and focus needed to make them a success.

Many clients opt to use GBA in a business development manager role where we can help take their food manufacturing companies to the next level. Primarily this involves launching or expanding their distribution and sales with the Food retailers, wholesalers or food service customers.

Other clients are looking for some expertise or a non exec board member to help them plan how to develop profitable business with the UK’s largest retailers or other customers. We are able to do this and then show them how to put the plan into action themselves

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