Are You thinking about Your Small Food Business Selling to Supermarkets?


“How to Sell Food to the Supermarkets Successfully – and make a profit”


Discover some of the Insider Secrets which have sold Millions of £’s worth of Food Products to U.K. Supermarkets for small food businesses like yours

Are you tired of trying to win new customers or even hang on to those you’ve got? Do you get frustrated knowing that other small food businesses enjoy all the sales they can handle to the U.K supermarkets while you wait around for the next order to come your way?

For a Small Food Business, trading successfully with the Uk’s major food retailers offers unrivalled potential to deliver high-profile national exposure for your brand or help you profitably fill your spare production capacity

Of course, most businesses find out that this isn’t always quite as easy as it sounds.

You may have tried for yourself and not been able even to get a meeting with one of the supermarket buyers. Maybe you’ve achieved a small scale regional listing but now can’t develop that business any further. Or, despite perhaps trading in the retail sector, you may feel under pressure as your business is overly dependent on too few customers.


Secrets of a Small Business Specialist in Selling to Supermarkets


My name’s Gareth Bird and over the last 30 years I’ve sold more than £110,000,000 worth of food products to the U.K. supermarkets. The food companies I’ve worked with include some of the world’s largest food producers and a whole host of small and family-owned businesses

For the last decade I’ve worked as a freelance food sales resource to dozens of small, privately-owned food (and drink) producers, introducing, and building their distribution through the major retailers. This has given me hands-on sales experience of over 100 different food products across Chilled/Fresh foods, frozen and ambient dry grocery.

Some of the specific product areas include: Bakery, Ethnic foods, Ready meals, Sweets/desserts, Cereals, Party Foods, Soft Drinks, Vegetarian foods, Herbal remedies, Confectionary, Prepared salads, Sauces, Snacks, Dairy, Dry Mixes, Dips, Pies, Pastries, and Pasta.

All this has taught me that doing business in the major retail sector can be difficult for inexperienced companies. The rewards though can be great, and are achievable by even the smallest company once they know what they’re doing.


(A few of the more well-known brands I’ve sold over the years)



How one Small Food Business made me think again

My work these days in the Food Industry takes the form of “hands-on” sales roles and so the number of businesses I can help directly at any one time is limited to 4 at most. I’m still regularly approached by small food producers that I don’t have the time to directly help. Back in 2008, one such business, a family-owned bakery, asked me whether I could provide some sort of newsletter service if I couldn’t help them directly. To try and help them I set-up a free monthly newsletter service (

Some of the information I was asked to include in issues of the newsletter included things like:

• Understanding the market you’re competing in

• How to create meaningful points of difference for both your company and products

• Finding out who to talk to at the supermarket groups and how to successfully approach them

• How to manage retail customers for future growth & profitability

• All the latest news about the major food retailers in the UK


Since 2008 the subscriber base has grown to several hundred small food businesses. Now I’ve been asked by those who weren’t in from the early days if I could provide all the most useful information, the articles, tips and ideas in one easy-to-use eBook format.

As a result, I’ve packaged together the most practical tips from the first 26 issues (more than 2 year’s worth) of the GBA Marketing “Selling to Supermarkets” Newsletters. All the key information is assembled in one 50 page ebook, with a full table of contents and recommended further resources. What you have then, is an invaluable, easy to use reference tool to help your small food business sell to supermarkets.




Why the “Tips & Articles from the Selling to Supermarkets Newsletters” ebook is Different


* It’s written by a still-operating Sales Director. Someone who’s intimately involved in current trends in the UK Supermarkets- including what it takes to make a product succeed with this sector of the trade in 2011. I share a wealth of food sales experience to the retailers in a way that can easily be used by anyone who wants to make a success of this but doesn’t know where to start. All you need is the openness and motivation to try these deceptively simple ideas.

* The eBook is all about how to successfully sell your food products to the U.K. supermarkets. There’s no irrelevant info about selling food to consumers through your web site, Food Service or things like manufacturing issues

* This is not a US-produced manual which pays lip-service to UK businesses. I’ve aimed the “Selling to Supermarkets newsletter Tips ebook solely at the people and businesses I know best. Namely small food businesses who want to develop distribution in the UK supermarkets

* The book’s only 50 pages long. It’s no weighty text book of difficult to understand or hard to use theory. It’s full of straightforward easy-to-implement tips and ideas any small food business can quickly start benefiting from

* I’ve written 2 best-selling sales & marketing books for small enterprises already so I do know how to communicate my ideas

* The system is priced at a “one-off” tiny fraction of what you could spend on a consultant coming in to tell you how to trade with the supermarkets, hiring a full-time National Accounts Manager or paying an agent’s sales commissions to learn about your product and business then sell on your behalf


Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in this eBook

• Why the UK supermarkets need small food businesses and how you can capitalise on this

• What you MUST do before approaching the retailers

• How to get Your product manufactured – even without your own factory

• How to successfully approach the supermarkets with your products

• How to put together a winning trade presentation about your company and products

• Key ways to profitably develop your relationship with the supermarkets

• Recommended Software and web sites you need to use to succeed

PLUS: Case studies, Brand vs. Own Label, Celebrity branding, Regional and Promotional opportunities explained and a whole lot more

What Other Food Businesses are saying about the author

“Gareth has played a huge role in the development of this company” - Paul H. Owner, Ambient Grocery Manufacturer

“Worked miracles for us in less than 24 hours” - George R. Managing Director, Frozen Food Manufacturer

“We’ve been lucky to have someone like Gareth on our side….. directly responsible for increasing our business six-fold” - Bill C. Managing Director, Fresh Food Manufacturer

“A huge contributor to the successful development of this business” – Peter M. Owner, Ambient Bakery

“Highly recommended” - Jan T, Managing Director, Ambient Food Manufacturer


So How much is this Going to Cost me?

Well let me ask you this. How much do you think it could cost you to pay for consulting advice on selling to the retail sector or hiring a full-time National Accounts Manager with all their overheads?

I keep being told I could charge a lot more for these proven techniques and but I don’t like the thought of any good small food business out there being unable to compete. Ultimately perhaps, giving up on the retail sector just because they don’t know how to get any business with the supermarkets and make it pay.

So here’s what I’ve tried to do. I’ve priced the Selling to Supermarkets Tips ebook so that a listing of only one product in just 5 supermarket outlets would cover your investment more than 15 times over in less than a month. Just maintaining this tiny piece of business over the next six months would give you something like a hundred and thirty times the price of your investment in The Selling to Supermarkets Tips Ebook.

But with what I’ll show you, you’re going to be able to do far, far better than that. Both in terms of the numbers of products and outlets.

I’m now able to make The Selling to Supermarkets Tips available for a price of just £9.97 for a few more weeks. For that, I’ll share with you proven tips and ideas to help you build a successful business with the UK Supermarkets


**Special Bonus** - If you order today and then subscribe to our Free Newsletter you’ll qualify for one of a limited number of Personal Coaching opportunities. With this you can submit specific questions you may still have about how to sell food to supermarkets directly to me. I’ll then answer your questions and give you personal guidance via the monthly newsletter



Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Try the Selling to Supermarkets Newsletter Tips & Ideas eBook out 100% Risk-Free for 3 full months yourself. If after using the techniques it falls short of your expectations in any way just return it in its original condition and get your money back. It’s that simple because I know this system can work for you too.

In fact, if you don’t think this eBook saved you MORE THAN TEN TIMES WHAT YOU PAID FOR IT after you’ve used it for three months, just ask me for a refund.

You have nothing to lose, and a full order-book from the supermarkets to gain

But you need to ACT FAST because I can’t hold this Special Launch Price for much longer - and I’m not certain I want every small food business to have this information anyhow.

Don’t let someone else get your share of the limited supermarket shelf space. If you’re serious about being successful selling to supermarkets- order your eBook now!


YES, I want to sell my food to the supermarkets!

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