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There are certainly larger, more traditional ‘sales agents’ or ‘distributors’ out there that you could choose from when you want to increase your sales and develop your business.

Some of them can certainly be effective for many types of food or drink suppliers.

Others however, often have a long list of clients that they represent. Your business may end up some way down their priority list. This can mean that as a small or medium-sized supplier, you’re not always guaranteed the level of focus and attention you’ll need in order to break into the major retailers or other new customers and succeed there.

I set GBA up back in 2000 on the basis of never representing any more than four food or drink suppliers at any one time. This means as one of our clients, you can be sure that your sales development will get the same level of commitment and attentiveness that you’d give it yourself. If of course, you weren’t already too busy trying to run the rest of your business.

Some traditional sales agencies have a number of different sales personnel interfacing with potential customers so you can never be sure who will be managing your business. At GBA, in terms of who is looking after your business, what you see, really is what you get.

Namely: Me. Gareth Bird

Gareth Bird

Why Work With Me?

  • Director level experience of over 35 years successfully trading with all the UK retailers, major wholesalers and key food service operators.
  • Specialist in the development and growth of small/medium FMCGs. I understand how to develop businesses like yours.
  • Brand AND/OR Private Label Development. Contacts across Chilled, Frozen, Ambient Dry Grocery and soft drinks categories as well as Health & Beauty
  • Planning AND/OR implementation (in other words; I can show you how to grow your customer base if that’s what you’d prefer, or better still, I can do it for you.)
  • Fees structured in relation to performance.

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