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As a small or medium sized food manufacturer, you might be one of the many that don’t have the level of business they need with the UK supermarkets. Alternatively, you  might be trading successfully with other types of customers,  but lack the experience, confidence or time to approach the retailers.  Perhaps you’ve thought about trying to break into these outlets, or doing more business with them but you’re reluctant to take the chance on the additional overhead of a suitable full-time sales person.

Freelance Business Development Manager Services

If you’re already trading with some of the supermarkets it might for example be promotions, over-riders, your distribution levels or the number of retail customers you have  that you need to improve.

Perhaps you want to capitalise on any own label opportunities as well as sell your brand (or vice versa), or maybe you need to increase your rates of sale to simply hang onto your listings.

When you’re not trading in this sector, what you’ll want of course is someone with the contacts and know how to introduce and develop you business and products with the supermarkets.

Using the right  freelance business development manager in any of these situations lets you tap into a senior level of expertise without the overhead of a full-time employee. You pay only for what you need, when you need it. You can reduce or increase any input to fit the changing needs of your business over time.

GBA are specialists in the development and growth of small and medium sized food manufacturers and suppliers. We have almost 35 years successful experience developing business with all the UK retailers and our fees are always structured in relation to our performance on your behalf.

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