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Many small and medium-sized food manufacturers struggle to win new customers – or even hang on to those they’ve already got. It can be difficult to get onto the radar of the leading (and even some smaller) retailers. Especially if you don’t have the time to focus on the commercial side of your business or you lack the expertise or resources for a full-time employee.

Sales Consultant Services

Sales Consultant services

Perhaps you’ve thought about the potential benefits of using an outsourced sales or sales consultant resource.

Sometimes all you need is some professional advice.  Someone you can turn to who understands the challenges faced by a small or medium sized food manufacturer. Whether simply to help advise on your Sales strategy or maybe even in a more “hands on” business development manager role.

The problem with some sales consultants or sales agents is that even when they do understand the particular problems faced by smaller suppliers they often represent a large number of food manufacturers at any one time. This means it can be hard for your company  to get the focus and time it needs.

Also, with a large  outsourced sales  organisation, you don’t always get a dedicated  sales consultant as your exclusive point of contact. Added to that, if the company in question work with larger food manufacturers as well, you may find you have only a junior sales consultant working on your behalf.

GBA Sales Consultant Resource

With GBA as your sales consultant resource, whether for sales strategy  advice or in an executive business development manager role, what you see is what you get.

Namely, proven Sales Director-level expertise from the owner of this sales consultants business. A business with almost 35 years in the food industry and which only ever works with a small handful of clients at any one time.  A sales consultant specialising in helping small to medium sized privately-owned food businesses and nothing else.

Ensuring your small food manufacturer business gets the dedication, focus, time and development you need.

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