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Small business marketing is not something every food manufacturer can do successfully for themselves.  Many small or medium sized food manufacturers are started by individuals who wouldn’t count small business marketing as one of their key skills. Not only that, but when you’re trying to run your food business you don’t always have the time to pro-actively focus on the small business marketing you need.


Small Business Marketing vs Big Brand Budgets

You can’t necessarily count on just any marketing company knowing how to effectively help you out.  Small business marketing on a shoestring in the extremely competitive food industry when you’re used to big brands with huge budgets, is not for the faint-hearted.

GBA have over 35 years  experience with fresh, frozen and ambient dry grocery food manufacturers in the U.K.  Our numerous Business Development Manager and sales consultant roles running in parallel over this time, ensure that our small business marketing solutions are not just theory.  They’ll work for you where it counts.

Namely,  in the real world of the supermarket shelves and  checkouts.

After all,  isn’t marketing that doesn’t ultimately translate into sales  little more than an expensive indulgence?

Small Business Marketing Tips

Perhaps all you want are some marketing tips for your small business. Or maybe help with your positioning strategy versus your competition or some other marketing strategies.

Whether you need Trade or Consumer marketing, new product development, PR, Food Market research, Website design and improvement or Food packaging design – GBA offer you flexible small business marketing specifically for your food manufacturer business.

All without the need for a full-time marketing overhead.

If you’d further details or an exploratory discussion about what we could do for your business, please email or feel free to call Gareth on 07710-346004

Small Business Marketing for Food Manufacturers UK